January 2017 Business Minutes

Call to Order

  • The business meeting was called to order at 1812 by President Susie Banks.

Roll Call

  • HCAA members present were Gary High, Lori Ador, Roy Kim, Dean Biernacki, Laura Andersen, Keith Botai, Jim Fruehan, Dave and Susie Banks, Leah Kemner, Denise Johnston, Terri McCrea, Monte White, and Leslie Covey. A quorum was determined to be present.

Approval of Minutes from prior Business Meeting

  • Motion to approve September 2016 minutes as corrected and December 2016 minutes made by, Dean. Seconded by Dave, all approved.


Treasurer’s Report

  • $ 1,448.02    Checking
  • $ 27,067.69  Savings
  • $ 70,183.42  CD

Supply Officer’s Report

  • EPI vials are backordered. KCEMSS provided some EPI vials. Laura gave training on how to use the ampoules. Everyone was in agreement to stick with regular vials or EPI-Pens.

Infectious Control Report

  • Kootenai County has issued a pandemic for Influenza and Mumps. Remember BSI, wear your gloves, mask, and safety goggles if you suspect any infectious diseases.

Building Maintenance

  • Jim installed a backup key box to get into the building in case the access door keypad does not work. The code to get into the key box is 143. There will be a box at both stations.


Communications Officer Report

  • Please speak clearly into the radio and don’t hold it too far away from mouth. Let Dave know if you are not getting pages.

Vice President’s report

  • Schedule is going around, please sign up. Lorraine is at her son’s wedding in Palm Springs. Congrats Jared.

President’s Report

  • Shift change. Use your best judgement and communicate when a call comes in right before a shift change. If a call comes in 30 minutes prior, the next crew should go out if available.
  • KCEMSS hiring a “Support Services” position (Logistics). Needs to be an EMT or Paramedic. Leslie will send out the ad.
  • We are leasing Zoll Monitors via KCEMSS. There will be trainings for 2- Super Users on 2 March. Open training for the rest of the crew who would like to go into KCEMSS will be 12-17 March. A schedule will go out. Bill Keeley will come out and give us Optional Module training for 12 Lead. He will bring the monitor out then.
  • EMTs needing to recertify this March, need to get their paperwork into the system by 15 February.

Education Officer

  • 13 Feb 2017 – Skills Training. Online training for EMS Connect will be Radio Communications.
  • Charlotte and Leslie gave training on I-GEMS. Charlotte handed out ESO Reporting Narrative samples.
  • Charlotte announced that she has taken herself off the Harrison Schedule as she has taken the EMS Chief for ESFD. Dave Banks and Laura Andersen will fill in as Training Officers until September 2017 Business meeting when we elect Officers. We will miss you Charlotte.


Ambulance Maintenance Report

  • Jim purchased additional battery jumpers for 97 & 98. The old battery jumpers will be plugged in each ambulance building to jump the vehicles if necessary, at the station.
  • Jim also purchased air compressors for each ambulance building to fill up tires if needed.


Public Information Officer

  • Nothing new to report.

New Business

  • Jim won door prize.

Unfinished Business

  • Nothing to report.



  • Jerry Sebby donated $280 to HCAA from his football pool winnings. Thanks Jerry.
  • Numerous ‘atta boys’ from Patient Care surveys. Great job everyone!



  • Motions for adjournment, all approve. Meeting adjourned 2015.

Upcoming Dates

  • 13 February- Training: Skills. Monday at 1800
  • 27 March – Business meeting at 1800
  • Minutes taken and submitted by Susie Banks, rewritten and corrected by Kimmy and Leslie.

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