Patient Survey

Your opinion of Harrison EMS service is very important to us.
In our continuing effort to enhance our emergency medical services, we would appreciate you taking a moment to complete this confidential survey.  Thank you for your support.

    Please indicate your response by selecting the appropriate number for each statement.
    For any number less than 3 or you wish to add further comments, please state what your issue is in the comment section.

    Strongly Agree = 5 Agree= 4 Neutral = 3 Disagree = 2 Strongly Disagree = 1

    1. I was treated politely and respectfully by the medical personnel
    2. I was provided medical treatment in a professional manner
    3. My ambulance ride was made as comfortable as possible
    4. Overall, I am satisfied with the ambulance service I received
    5. What can Harrison Community Ambulance do better to serve you?

    Other comments?

    Thank you for your comments and suggestions.

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